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We at @Home Encoding work together to provide standardized, modern, and advanced high-quality releases for distributing anime. What makes us different from the many other release groups on the net? Giving viewers many options for enjoying their content in current video and audio standards. Throughout this decade CRT displays and stereo speakers have given way to large LCD and plasma screens with 5.1 home-theater systems. It doesn’t make sense to release content in outdated standards for modern equipment. Some of the methods we use to push media forward are:

1) Lossless and high-quality audio codecs.

2) Multiple audio tracks (When available).

3) Region 2 Japanese video, sourced from original DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

4) Official styled soft subtitles along with fansubs.

5) Updating old releases with newer sources.

All of our releases are fully reviewed before release to continue putting out the best consistent quality encodings for you to enjoy. Our passion it to discuss, learn about, and work on our shared hobby of one of the greatest visual mediums. We welcome you to visit us at our IRC channel: irc.rizon.net #@Home, to hang out, share, and be a part of our progressing challenge.

@Home Encoding
A new group for a new era.

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